4 Signs You Need a Plumber

Before things get ugly with the drains and other plumbing works in your house, some visible but less considered signs can alert you of the possible dangers. In this post, I will explain some of those signs. So, get your popcorn ready and read along… then go check your house!

1. Odour

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If you are a very hygienic person, noticing this should be very easy because your house is not expected to smell funny in any way, especially your kitchen. If after cleaning every corner of your home, you can still perceive some weird smell, try to trace it to your drains. You might have a cracked sewage line outside the house or clogged/blocked pipe that’s preventing it from going down the drain, which results in terrible smell in the house. You need to get it fixed fast. Look for overflowing drains around the house or ‘water’ pooling where there wouldn’t normally be.

2. Sounds

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When water is flowing down the drain of your bathroom, or when using either your washing machine or toilet, you shouldn’t expect to hear a gurgling sound. Silence generally proves everything is fine with your drains, but when you start hearing gurgling sounds, you need to start preparing to put a call through to a plumber because that is a sign of pipe blockage. If you keep using the pipes without repairing them, the water will soon start flowing back to you, and this will result in a plumbing emergency (and gross situation!).

3. Slow Drains

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This is the obvious sign of blockage which will soon get you to the frustrating point of a complete stop in the flow of water through the drain. Slow water movement means there is still a possibility of you trying to increase the flow of the water by yourself if you know the right way to do it, but it is advisable to contact a true local plumber to prevent further damage to the pipes and possible overflowing somewhere you don’t want it!

4. Leaks

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This is not just a sign but a problem that requires urgent attention because you don’t even need to trace it since it’s visible to your eyes already. Patching a leak or replacing the pipes completely could be very tricky and lead to further damage if you try to fix it yourself (not to mention illegal!). Whenever a water leak is noticed, then you need the services of a plumber faster than you probably think.


It can be frustrating finding an expert plumber you can trust that knows exactly what to do to get your drain and all your plumbing works into perfect shape. Relax, because the solution to the problem is closer than you think. Express Plumbing Bunbury is available to offer you the best possible quality services.

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